Friday, April 13, 2012

"R" is for Rockstar

Yep, it's that time again.....time to play catch up!!!! Easter has come and gone but those pictures will have to wait for just a bit.

Wilson's preschool class had their Rock star Day (my fave day of the year) a while back. Each week they focus on a letter of the alphabet, so what's more appropriate than ROCK STAR for the letter "R"?!?!?!?

The Rocker ready to go!

When Wilson and I started talking about what he wanted to wear and do for this fun day, his only request was "a mohawk that is green and blue!" Ok.....well he got what he asked for!

Cutest Rock star cousins EVER!!!! Stirling was channeling her inner Debbie Gibson/early Madonna look!

Coolest preschool teachers ever!!

Wilson and his buddy Slash/KISS member, aka Rucker

Some of the rockers!

All of the the rocker dudes! How cute are they?!?!?

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